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Swiss Gold Mining Company seeks swift intervention to counter false child labor allegations

The mining company had to deal with numerous international press articles and blogs disseminating allegations of violations of laws and regulations against child labor practices. These articles were positioned on the first pages of search engines in response to client queries and were detrimental to economic relations with customers and financial partners.

What we’ve done

  • Countering false narratives and implementing a strategy to secure the removal or correction of erroneous information.
  • Deploying a public relations strategy to bolster the company’s reputation while underscoring unwavering compliance with both international and local environmental regulations and labor codes.
  • Executing tactical spinning strategies.
  • Conducting extensive negotiation processes with news editors, which resulted in rectifying published news articles and eliminating baseless allegations.
  • Leading investigations to identify the source of the false news and implementing a strategy to deter them from engaging in these illicit activities.