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We address each issue with laser-sharp precision and a unique strategic roadmap. Likewise, our agreements are customized to your specific needs and your budget.

Retainer-based relationship

Your 360° Comprehensive Protection : A Proactive and Rapid Response Insurance

By opting for a Pay for Access retainer, we acknowledge that trust, discretion, and establishing a profound connection are paramount. We strive to forge a strong bond with your organization, identifying ways to permanently support you in mitigating multifaceted threats in the long run – ranging from monitoring adverse media and privacy threats to taking immediate action during crises or when key executives and family members are targeted.

Your Trusted Partner in Mitigating Ongoing Reputational and Privacy Threats

As your trusted advisor, we become an ongoing resource, ensuring continuous access to our expertise. We provide a clear roadmap outlining specific tasks and objectives. With a deep understanding of your business requirements, we offer ongoing monitoring services, proactively identifying potential reputational threats and privacy issues. We have the flexibility to act swiftly, often allowing us to contain the dissemination of sensitive or weaponized information before it escalates into a large-scale smear campaign.

24/7 Protection and Proactive Monitoring: Safeguarding Executives and Family

We are available 24/7 to assist all individuals covered by your monthly protection services, including key executives, employees, and family members facing privacy attacks, online threats, or adverse news. Additionally, we issue regular security recommendations and privacy alerts to keep you informed about the latest threats and to notify you whenever we identify potential vulnerabilities in your online activities and postings.

Partnering with Hington Klarsey ensures reliance on proactive problem-solving, innovative strategies, and an unwavering commitment to protecting your corporate image and privacy.

Whether you require continuous support and protection or specific crisis management, a retainer-based relationship with us is the ideal solution.

Single-issue advisory missions

Don't let a single issue
spiral into a significant crisis.

At Hington Klarsey, we understand the critical impact that a single issue can have on your business or personal life, whether it involves reputation concerns, privacy attacks, CEO fraud attempts, or critical cyber threats. With extensive experience in discreetly handling these challenges, we offer result-driven advisory services to address your specific issue promptly and protect your interests.

Addressing Your Reputation and Privacy Issues Head-On with Utmost Discretion

Partnering with us for a single issue leverages our expertise in reputation and privacy matters. We collaborate closely, assessing the situation, identifying vulnerabilities, and formulating a comprehensive action plan. Our track record in resolving similar challenges ensures tailored and effective strategies, providing timely solutions to mitigate immediate impact and safeguard your long-term reputation and privacy.

Rely on Hington Klarsey for result-driven services that confront your specific challenges head-on. Contact us today and let us assist you in addressing your critical issue with confidence.

Performance-fee Agreements

Incentive-Based Collaboration: Payment Contingent on Achieving Your Objectives

In specific cases, we offer performance-fee based agreements. Under such arrangements, you pay a predetermined amount only upon the successful achievement of mutually agreed-upon objectives. For instance, this could include outcomes such as the removal of your name from a specific news article, the deletion of a particular video, or the prevention of search engines from indexing specific URLs.

Measurable Results, Tangible Value

This approach ensures a results-driven collaboration, enabling you to invest only when we successfully fulfill our commitments. It delivers tangible value and measurable outcomes while giving you control over your budget.

Tell us about your issue now, fix your objectives, and let us devise a strategic roadmap for you.

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