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Two Decades of Experience Fighting Weaponized Information & Countering Privacy Attacks.

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Proven Strategies for Mitigating All Types of Threats to Corporate Image and Privacy.

Strategies for Countering Attacks on Businesses and Brands

Comprehensive Brand and Business Protection Services:

  • Countering Nefarious Publications : Social Media Posts, Forum Messages, News Article, Videos...
  • Defense against Social Engineering Attacks, including CEO Fraud and Brand Impersonation
  • Blocking Fraudulent Domains Engaging in Phishing Activities
  • Debunking Fake News and Dispelling Nefarious Rumors Against Your Business
  • Removal of Impersonated Social Media Accounts
  • Removal of Brand Parodies
  • Remediation of Reputational Issues Following a Security Leak, Cyberattack, or Product Recall
  • Defense against Collaborative Brand Attacks
  • Defense against Consumer Activists & Politically Motivated Groups
Prevention & Resolution of Privacy Issues

Comprehensive Solutions to Protect Your Online Identity and Reputation:

  • Mitigating the Dissemination of Sensitive Information
  • Detecting and Removing unauthorized Deepfake Videos
  • Counteracting Personal Attacks & Harassment Online
  • Identifying and Removing Impersonated Social Media Accounts
  • Erasing Personal Information from Online Directories
  • Removing Personal & Sensitive Photographs and Videos
  • Removing Insulting, Discrediting & Threatening Contents
  • Deleting your Digital Footprint
  • Reducing the Visibility of a Past Conviction
  • Eliminating Outdated and Irrelevant Career Information
Defence against Large-Scale Smear Campaign

Safeguarding Your Reputation Across a Vast Network of Threats:

  • Investigation Services to Identify Threat Origins
  • Building a Solid Global Defense Blueprint
  • Providing Expert Findings for Solid Legal Actions
  • Collaborating with your Law Firm to Develop a Strategic Roadmap
  • Crafting a Cross-Border Strategy across Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Removing Fake News and Misinformation
  • Reducing the Visibility of Threatening Information
  • Negotiating the Removal of Negative News Items
Removal of Sensitive & Outdated Business Information

Cleaning and Updating Your Corporate Information:

  • Removing Outdated and Misleading Information from Business Registries
  • Removing Connections with Former Business Associates
  • Removing Director Profiles from Online Directories and Data Brokers Sites
  • Deleting Company Financial Information from Business Registries
  • Removing and Update Registries with Company Visual Identity Elements
  • Deleting or Hide Directors Residential Addresses form Online Directories
Corporate Reputation Protection & Risk Mitigation

Proactive Measures to Safeguarding Your Corporate Image:

  • Ongoing Brand Monitoring
  • Executives and Employees Online Screening & Protection
  • Executives' Families Online Screening & Protection
  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Adverse Media Screening
  • Background Check
  • Client Risk Profiling (KYC)
  • Applicants/Candidates Risk Profiling
  • Staff Media Training : Create Actionable Response and Contingency Plans
  • Social Media & Online Commentary Code of Conduct for Employees
Investigation Services

Gathering Key Intelligence to Build a Solid Defense Mechanism:

  • Assessing Reputation Vulnerability
  • Identifying Threat Origins
  • Uncovering the Identity of Users behind Fake Anonymous Accounts
  • Finding the Address or Place of Business of individuals and companies (Website Administrators, Defendant, Authors...)
  • Unveiling Connections between Threat Sources
  • Providing Evidence-Based Support for Strong Legal Actions
  • Providing Expert Findings to Counter Fraudulent Insurance Claims
  • Profiling Threat Sources
  • Identifying Key Pressure Points for Developing a Robust Negotiation Strategy
Resolution of Copyright & Intellectual Property Issues

Defending Your Creative Rights:

  • Track & Take Down Unauthorised Copies of your Company Logo
  • Identify & Remove Copyright-Protected Videos, Images & Music
  • Delete Your Photos, posted Without your Consent
  • Remove Unauthorised Photos Used for Commercial Purposes
  • Face and Combat Website Spoofing and Domain Name Spoofing
  • Track & Remove Unauthorised Copies of Licensed Trademarks
  • Detect & Erase Unauthorised Copies of Original Work
  • Remove Unauthorised Copies of your Social Media Profile Picture
Online Profile Enhancement & Optimization

Boosting Online Profile & Highlighting your Achievements :

  • Website Development and Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Video Marketing
  • Online PR and Influencer Marketing
  • Web Analytics and Reporting

Your Business
with us.

Whether you need a long-term ally to help combat various forms of attacks and permanently protect your key partners, or require our rapid assistance in resolving a specific issue, we provide retainer-based partnerships and single-issue advisory missions.

Whatever your requirements, our adaptable approach ensures that our collaboration aligns seamlessly with your specific objectives.

Tailored services

Client Profiles

Regardless of your industry, we have tailored our services to your specific profile: whether you are a family-controlled business, a company executive, an individual, or if you wish to protect your entire family.

Our extensive experience, combined with our aggressive yet discreet strategies, makes us the go-to firm for discerning high-profile clients seeking absolute confidentiality while safeguarding their reputation.

Our extensive experience, combined with our aggressive yet discreet strategies, makes us the go-to firm for discerning high-profile clients seeking absolute confidentiality while safeguarding their reputation.

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