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Leading energy trading company under heavy scrutiny for alleged import of substandard fuel

What we’ve done

  • Exhaustive identification and analysis of all publications, spanning print media, television, and social media postings.
  • Establishment of media monitoring systems designed to track disinformation across the entire information landscape in multiple languages.
  • Guided implementation of the right of response with international press entities, ensuring compliance with local laws and ethical press obligations.
  • Assistance in drafting a comprehensive press release to address and rectify the allegations, bolstering the group’s stance while emphasizing strict adherence to international sanctions and regulations.
  • Implementation of spinning tactics to prompt self-correction and the spontaneous removal of content by official press sources.
  • Formulation of a response strategy tailored for banking partners, facilitating AML/KYC procedures.
  • Crafting a response strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partners, including grassroots and grasstops mobilization.
  • Spokesperson media training to ensure effective communication. Implementation of attention-shifting strategies and initiatives to regain control of the narrative.
  • Activation and execution of a strategy to suppress articles at their source and their derivatives, aimed at containing and curbing the propagation of misinformation.
  • Activation of enhanced monitoring for the group’s managers and their families, preemptively thwarting personal attacks.