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Oil Trading company dragged into a highly publicized UN bribery scandal

What we’ve done

  • Identification of all publications mentioning the client’s involvement in the bribery scandal.
  • Identification of all backlinks reinforcing these publications.
  • Exhaustive investigations to identify and profile all authors and publication sources.
  • Strategic counsel for the implementation of the right of response with international press bodies, ensuring compliance with local laws and ethical press guidelines.
  • Formulation of a comprehensive response strategy aimed at reassuring banking partners and facilitating alignment with their AML/KYC protocols.
  • Launching confidential negotiation tactics and initiating discussions to secure the removal of the content itself, expunge the client’s name from the content, or deindex pages from search engine results.
  • Initiation of counter-investigations to formulate strategies discrediting the original investigation and neutralizing threat sources.
  • An impressive 80% of total pages have been successfully removed, all while shielding the client from any further editorial retaliation.