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Providing key intelligence for legal actions against smear campaign perpetrators targeting insurance group

What we’ve done

During our investigations to identify the sources of negative and defamatory content directed at the insurance company, we uncovered that a law firm that had obtained previous judgments against the company had established a system to promote its services at the expense of the insurance company. They devised a business model to seek new clients to sue the insurance company for similar reasons.

We have provided technical evidence to demonstrate that the law firm may be liable for:

  • Harassment: Due to the disproportionate and repeated negative and disparaging mentions of the company’s products on its official website. The law firm presents itself as a specialist in breaking contracts offered by the insurance company.
  • Interference with Commercial Contracts or Obstruction of Commercial Contracts: By denigrating the products marketed by the insurance company and publicly presenting themselves as lawyers who have developed expertise in securing judgments against the insurance company, the law firm may encourage the termination of existing contracts or prevent their conclusion.
  • Manipulation of Meta Description Tags on the Official Website and Open Graph Meta Tags: We have provided technical evidence that the source code of the law firm’s website homepage contained an excessive number of brand names of the insurance company and its products within HTML metadata description tags, suggesting an intention to exploit search engine results pages.
  • The provided evidence and analysis were decisive in the removal of all contentious pages and editorial content, putting an end to these wrongful activities, which also contravened the ethical standards of the legal profession