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Vicious smear campaign targets leading Middle Eastern energy group, inflicts financial and reputational damage

What we’ve done

  • Conducting exhaustive investigations to delineate the existence of an extensive network comprising numerous counterfeit accounts established on various online publishing platforms. The principal objective of these accounts was to defame the company and propagate unfounded allegations against its executives.
  • Furnishing an In-Depth Analysis elucidating the chronology and methodology systematically employed to disseminate false and deceptive information. Our experts have amassed evidence substantiating that these user accounts were generated utilizing fictitious identities, including AI-generated content, stock photographs, or impersonated profile images.
  • Presenting technical evidence revealing the connections between these fake user accounts and the dissemination of numerous publications sharing manipulated misinformation.
  • This compelling evidence has allowed us to demonstrate that these pseudo-articles were unequivocally published from fraudulent accounts by individuals with organized and malevolent intentions.

Our actions and the evidence provided were decisive in the legal action and led to the permanent closure of the reported user accounts.