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Conducted Energy Weapons distributor and CEO face politically-motivated disinformation campaign

What we’ve done

  • Activating a counterattack strategy to combat the disinformation campaign and its propagation.
  • Conducting CEO media training to ensure effective responses during interviews with national news channels.
  • Implementing a strategy to anonymize news articles by removing the CEO’s full name from editorial contents mentioning the indictment.
  • Monitoring social media and news outlets to detect adverse media and activate an immediate response strategy.
  • Implementing tactical spinning strategies
  • Conducting investigations to identify the sources of the fake and weaponized information.
  • Creating a database of supporting evidence, including scientific studies and findings, legal precedents, and medical implications of Conducted Energy Devices (CEDs) in law enforcement worldwide. This will involve forensic expert analysis to implement a large-scale information campaign.
  • Advising on a lobbying strategy plan outlining the company’s approach to influencing the legislative process.
  • Leveraging digital strategies to contain the spread of misinformation and rectify inaccurate information regarding the alleged lethality of Conducted Energy Devices.
  • Implementing rebuttal strategies, from myth-busting to fact-checking. Clarifying and removing personal data and home addresses of the CEO to ensure protection against personal attacks and threats to his physical integrity and that of his family.