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CEO of high-profile energy company seeks long-term reputation and privacy protection for family

What we’ve done

  • Monitoring of all family members’ (both adults and adolescents) social media accounts and online activities, with their prior consent, to issue alerts regarding potential risks, including misinterpretation, parody, personal data disclosure, geolocation details, and inadvertent exposure of sensitive information.
  • Regularly provide personalized recommendations to family members for safeguarding their personal data and utilizing privacy settings on social media platforms.
  • Regular distribution of Privacy Security Reports and Analyses designed to educate and mitigate online privacy security risks. This includes information about onine platforms and mobile applications’ terms of use and their implications, relevant news alerts regarding current cyberattacks, recent scams, data-scraping mobile apps, cybersecurity risks during international travel, and insights into data changing privacy laws.
  • Providing of general recommendations for the use of social networks to proactively prevent cyber risks.
  • Automatic implementation of immediate content removal actions for any unauthorized copies taken from social media accounts (images and videos), impersonated accounts, and profiles generated without consent on people search websites and directories, personal attacks, insults, location disclosures, privacy threats.
  • Ensuring a dedicated confidential 24/7 helpline for all family members facing reputational or privacy issues or online scams. This includes advisory services and activation of immediate response plans in such situations.
  • Providing assistance to erase digital footprint.