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African Economic Community President faces vicious political assaults and fake news amidst reelection campaign

What we’ve done

  • Implementing a strategy to execute an unyielding political campaign and to propel the client forward in the face of relentless attacks, instilling resilience and ensuring a robust presence on the international stage.
  • Crafting potent messaging strategies, forge winning tactics, strategically defend against attacks and counter fake news: mobilizing the creation of a local and regional fact-checking network, establishment of a community fact-checking website to dismantle attacks against the client and other falsehoods.
  • Devising and distributing comprehensive political campaign press kit (logo, website, biographies, videos, graphics, achievements).
  • Harnessing supporters, economic activists, partisan press journalists, and galvanizing grassroots mobilization to defend and advocate for the client.
  • Implementing tactical spinning strategies.
  • Conducting in-depth opposition research and investigation.
  • Enlisting and engaging news reporters to champion the Client’s cause.
  • Swiftly implementing a response strategy to counter and remove weaponized disinformation from news websites, blogs, forums, and social media platforms.
  • Thoroughly analyzing and providing insights into key political issues across the member nations of the economic community.
  • Constructing a resonant message engineered to elevate the client’s profile among global leaders.