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Paris Region Mayor seeks re-election campaign strategy amid highly contentious political climate

Whats we’ve done

  • Conducting professional, ethical, and comprehensive opposition research to gain a strategic advantage in the race.
  • Preparing a resilient offense and defense strategy.
  • Conducting reputational and digital footprint vulnerability screening: Investigating the client to uncover potential political vulnerabilities.
  • Conducting thorough cross-platform monitoring processes to detect manipulated misinformation
  • Implementing a thorough yet discreet reputation management strategy to mitigate negative press or online comments.
  • Forecasting potential attack scenarios.
  • Providing emergency response plan; crafting swift, comprehensive, and credible messaging in response to any attacks, whether true or false.
  • Developing and implementing a network of fact-checking channels.
  • Building and promoting the candidate’s communication ecosystem, from social media profiles to campaign and official websites.
  • Mobilizing supporters, partisan press journalists, and galvanizing grassroots mobilization to defend and advocate for the client
  • Infiltrating online political opponents groups, gathering critical intelligence and utilizing confidential influence tactics.
  • Elevating the candidate’s profile through an effective PR campaign at both regional and national levels.
  • Leveraging press coverage and enlisting news reporters to champion the client’s cause.