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European web services company faces coordinated smear campaigns stemming from consumer association forums

What we’ve done

  • Implementing a strategy to secure the removal of numerous pages disseminating fake news and derogatory content against the Client.
  • Identifying all entities liable for unfair competition and implementing a strategy to remove their harmful publications.
  • Gather irrefutable expert evidence on the networks of smear campaigns and their authors to support legal proceedings
  • Engaging in an extensive negotiation process to secure the removal of numerous blog publications orchestrated by dissatisfied customers.
  • Conducting investigations to gather critical intelligence regarding potential upcoming collective legal actions.
  • Investigating and identifying instances of cybersquatting, unfair competition, parasite hosting, and all forms of cyberattacks intended to undermine the company’s reputation.
  • Implementing strategies to shut down blogs using the client’s company name as domain names to undermine its products and services.
  • Deactivating user accounts and ensuring the removal of publications that infringed upon the Client’s intellectual property rights.
  • Identifying and removing all comments attacking the CEO of the company.
  • Establishing confidential agreements with hostile entities to permanently cease online harm and attacks.