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French Internet Domain Registrar battles backlash and smear campaigns amidst controversial relocation plan

What we’ve done

  • Providing strategic advice to implement a crisis communication strategy to ensure the company’s compliance with recent jurisprudence concerning the legal responsibilities of hosting providers and evolving data protection laws.
  • Monitoring social media and news outlets to promptly identify any potentially threatening information.
  • Conducting forensic investigations to identify online user accounts operating under false identities.
  • Implementing strategies to dismantle groups of dissatisfied customers disseminating inaccurate and harmful information about the company.
  • Initiating negotiation processes to remove harmful publications posted by disgruntled employees and customers.
  • Conducting investigations and infiltrating groups of dissatisfied users to gather critical intelligence for countering upcoming class actions.
  • Deactivating user accounts and ensuring the removal of publications that infringe upon the Client’s rights.
  • Monitoring the CEO and company executives online and activating immediate removal strategies to counter privacy attacks and mitigate the dissemination of personal information.