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Media Giant enlists our help to perform social media and background screening of future on-air talents to avert media backlash

What we’ve done

  • Initiate a comprehensive online background screening process covering all aspects of the social media history of TV show cast members, on-air talents, and presenters, including their posts, photos, videos, and those of their associates. This is essential to uphold candidates’ integrity and mitigate risks to the reputation of future television productions, safeguarding against potential online backlash.
  • Identify and flag any content that deviates from the values and expectations of the TV network and its shows. This includes content that could potentially upset the audience, be misinterpreted, or distorted.
  • Provide guidance and support to candidates in rectifying, amending, or enhancing their online content and publications to ensure a positive and aligned online presence.
  • Offer guidance to on-air talents employed by the television production studio division responsible for creating original programming for children’s channels worldwide, ensuring the securing or removal of online content to maintain a positive and age-appropriate online presence.
  • Provide advice to the television production studio on strategies to mitigate personal attacks posted online against TV show hosts.