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Gaming company and executives targeted in smear campaign and cyber security threats

What we’ve done

  • Mapping of all unfavorable, threatening, and illegal elements (blogs, specialized forums, social media posts).
  • Development of a strategy for sensitive data removal, including the rapid implementation of a removal strategy to secure and stop the dissemination of all proprietary and confidential contents, including cyberattack tips and video game hacking tutorials.
  • Investigation and identification of the source of data collection and leakage of proprietary information.
  • Investigation and identification of the individuals responsible for disseminating sensitive information and launching personal attacks against personnel.
  • Investigation and identification of the platforms responsible for hosting and publishing data, along with an analysis of data protection laws in their respective countries.
  • Identification of the author of the source blog that aggregates and disseminates proprietary and technical data to circumvent the video game’s technical protections.
  • Securing and removing all publications and comments that attacked the integrity of personnel and executives.
  • Securing and removing all proprietary and copyrighted materials.
  • Our resolute and discreet actions led to the complete removal of the source blog and all threatening contents and definitively put an end to the perpetrator’s defamation campaign.