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Private School faces economic turmoil as online criticisms lead to declining enrolments

What we’ve done

  • Conducting investigations to identify online user accounts operating under false identities or pseudonyms.
  • Initiating negotiation processes to remove harmful publications posted by dissatisfied students.
  • Deactivating user accounts and ensuring the removal of publications that infringe upon the Client’s rights.
  • Staff Media Training and Comments Response Strategy, including developing key messages and guidelines to ensure effective communication and course information.
  • Advising on Mediation Strategies with the purpose of securing authors’ cooperation to remove harmful messages.
  • Ensuring brand consistency and disseminating key messages across all platforms.
  • Crafting key messaging strategies, forging winning tactics, strategically defending against attacks, and countering fake news.
  • Harnessing supporters and galvanizing grassroots mobilization to defend and advocate for the client.
  • Swiftly implementing a response strategy to counter and remove manipulated misinformation from news websites, blogs, forums, and social media platforms.
  • Assistance to improve the technical performance of the institution’s website and SEO.