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Real Estate and Hotel Group seeks long-term partnership for comprehensive corporate image and reputation management

What we’ve done

  • 24/7 Support
  • Investigating and identifying authors behind anonymous hostile publications for negotiation of removal or initiation of legal proceedings.
  • Monitoring all personal attacks, insults, and harassment directed at employees and family members of the CEO, with subsequent removal of contentious content.
  • Infiltrating hostile collectives and social media groups targeting the client, gathering intelligence to anticipate and counter potential legal actions.
  • Vigilantly resolving cases involving cybersquatting and parasitism.
  • Detecting intellectual property violations and swiftly removing illicit content.
  • Eliminating hostile social media groups, accounts and comments.
  • Negotiating with national and regional press to remove or correct articles defaming and undermining the client’s projects and services or referencing legal proceedings and past convictions.
  • Deleting contentious reviews on consumer advocacy association websites.
  • Supporting and facilitating legal procedures through the collection of intelligence and identification of authors of contentious publications.
  • Continuously monitoring detrimental content to the company’s image, with activation of suppression protocols.
  • Initiating removal procedures for negative reviews posted by dissatisfied clients and former employees on review websites.
  • Mediating and implementing dispute resolution protocols with clients who have published negative feedback or content.
  • Media training for staff while providing key messaging during communication crisis or negative media scrutiny.