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Retired Army General seeks our expertise to mitigate global media coverage of past conviction and its devastating impact on family

What we’ve done

  • Mapping all publications worldwide in various languages mentioning the conviction.
  • Identifying and profiling authors and liable entities to develop a case-by-case negotiation approach aimed at securing the removal of articles, the anonymisation of editorial content, or de-indexing from search engines.
  • Initiating and implementing discreet negotiation strategies with press editors to anonymize the publications.
  • Removing photos and videos depicting the client that have been posted without his prior consent, violating his privacy and intellectual property rights.
  • Negotiating for and removing reposted articles on content aggregator sites, blogs, and forums.
  • Analyzing and developing strategies to assert rehabilitation rights in relevant jurisdictions.
  • Leveraging digital strategies to contain the spread of misinformation and rectify inaccurate information.
  • Deploying a comprehensive public relations plan to enhance the client’s profile, including the production and publication of unassailable biographical information and military achievements. This encompasses collecting and creating a database of the client’s military career, including accomplishments, promotions, campaign medals, foreign awards, biographical information, photographs, videos, interviews, and testimonials that commend the client’s achievements in conflict zones, along with excerpts from the press.
  • Developing and promoting an official biographical website serving as a source of reliable and irrefutable information.
  • Launching a publication strategy in accordance with the discretion required by the client’s military status.
  • Monitoring and removing personal attacks and sensitive information osted on forums and social networks.